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Hatice Teyze Meatball Seasoning (Kofte Baharati) 60 Gr

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Meatballs, one of the traditional and indispensable dishes of both Anatolian and big city cuisines, is a wild flavour that is loved by people of all ages with its different cooking methods, joins every table regardless of rich or poor, and is lined up by dozens in every freezer. The saviour of the tables in cramped times, the saviour of the last minutes, the meatballs that we say can be eaten in a million pieces, can draw new paths with different side dishes, it goes well with rice, salad and pasta... As soon as the meatballs at home are finished, minced meat is bought and made immediately. It is consumed in a short time, especially in families with children. There are nearly 300 recipes for meatballs, which we are used to, which is the historical stamp of our culinary culture and whose content changes from region to region, only in Turkey. While making meatballs, it is necessary to manage the ideal spice chain as well as to grind the right meat correctly, to adjust the bread that gives its consistency, to add optional Turkish grocery flavours such as onions, eggs and parsley in the right ratio, to rest it in the refrigerator for a while after kneading. When it comes to spices, you may have come across a puzzle because it requires the precision of a chemist for the right mixture. Hatice Teyze Meatball Seasoning is the key to this point. Hatice Teyze Meatball Seasoning, which consists of cumin, black cumin, coriander, cloves, black pepper, sweet red cayenne pepper, chili powder, cinnamon, turmeric and allspice, is the "I forgot to put which one?" The questions are now gone.

Hatice Teyze Meatball Seasoning 60 Gr

Hatice Teyze's Recommendations: Before using Hatice Teyze Meatball Seasoning, let's start with the characteristics of the meat to be selected for meatballs. Your meat should be neither too fatty nor lean. Ideally, it is made from the rib of a beef that has not completed one year old. The fat content should not exceed 20%. If you want, you can also use a mixture of lamb and beef. We also recommend that you grind your meat twice in a meat grinder so that the oily part can be well dispersed in the meat. If your ingredients are ready and your sleeves are rolled up, kneading is next: Never mix using metal or wooden spoons, their odour will mix with the mortar immediately. The basis of this work is to blend and knead by hand. If you are going to cook it in a pan, we recommend that you preheat the pan, oil it a little, and seal both sides of the meatballs first on high heat and continue with the fire low. Our recipe was mother-style Turkish grocery meatballs, but talent scouts can grate cheddar on them and put them in the oven.