Hatice Teyze Spinach With Onions (Ispanakli Sogan Karisimi) 100g — Best Grocery
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Hatice Teyze Spinach With Onions (Ispanakli Sogan Karisimi) 100g

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Hatice Teyze prepares the mixture of vegetables for pastry with the most natural methods by combining completely natural products and presents it to you with the excitement of the first day! We carefully select the freshest vegetables grown in the Çanakkale region of Turkey for you. Then, we lay these vegetables and dry them in the bright sun of the Aegean using the rehydration method. In this way, we preserve the vitamin, mineral and alkaline values of our products. We offer you this special London Turkish market spinach-onion mix in a 100 gram package. The whole process, from seed to package, proceeds with the aim of bringing the purity of nature to your homes. As Hatice Teyze brand, inspired by the power of nature, we work with the desire to bring you together with natural flavours.

Hatice Teyze Spinach with Onions 100g

Hatice Teyze's spinach-onion mix consists of dried spinach and dried onions. We dry these vegetables, which grow in the fertile Aegean soil, using natural methods. In this way, we preserve the structure and purity of the foods we bring together. The richness of this exquisite blend comes from being completely natural. Reflecting the perfect harmony of London Turkish market onion and spinach, Hatice Teyze's vegetable mix carries the traces of traditional Anatolian cuisine. Carefully brought together, dried vegetables will be one of your indispensable tastes as a light and nutritious alternative!

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