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Hatice Teyze Blackberry Vinegar (Bogurtlen Sirkesi) 250 Ml

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Fresh, natural and homemade vinegar prepared from blackberries grown in Malatya, Turkey: Hatice Teyze Natural Blackberry Vinegar. This vinegar, which gives an explosion of flavour especially to those who love sweet and sour in their salads, is obtained by keeping it in oak barrels for two years. Its aromatic taste is like a reward for secret recipes and its benefits are a reward for our lives, because blackberry is now available in the London Turkish market online store as a fruit rich in vitamins A, C, E and B.

Hatice Teyze Blackberry Vinegar (Bogurtlen Sirkesi) 250 Ml

Our intestines are the place where the hormone serotonin is secreted the most in the body. In a sense, a healthy and well-functioning gut is a source of happiness, while a dysfunctional gut can lead to a depressed mood. For this reason, we are now bringing the Hatice Teyze brand to your home with London Turkish market shelves. The fight between good and evil is shaped by the way we feed the good or bad bacteria in our guts. Processed food, industrial products, preservatives, gluten acting as glue, excess sugar disrupts the intestinal structure and feeds bad bacteria. Natural diet, plenty of water and fermented foods such as miraculous vinegar will feed the good bacteria in our intestines.

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