Hatice Teyze Bodrum Homemade Olives (Bodrum Ev Tipi Zeytin) 420 Gr — Best Grocery
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Hatice Teyze Bodrum Homemade Olives (Bodrum Ev Tipi Zeytin) 420 Gr

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The olive, which is a sacred tree, can survive even in arid and poor soils with little water, and can overcome all difficulties with its strong roots and durable body when left to its own, is one of the first fruit species known to have existed since the first years of history. 97% of the 900 million olive trees spread over 10 million hectares of land in the world are located on the Mediterranean coast. Turkey ranks 4th in the world in olive production. Why do we provide this information? Because, to emphasize that the history of London Turkish market olives, which we carefully collect from Bodrum's trees that are at least 200 years old, is not the same as the ordinary products you buy from the market.

Hatice Teyze Bodrum Homemade Olives 420 G

Ingredients: Olives, salt, drinking water.

The biggest feature that distinguishes Hatice Teyze Bodrum home-type olives, which have been processed with natural London Turkish market methods, is that they can be eaten with rock salt and drinking water without the use of any chemicals. It finds a place on the table at all meals of the day, thanks to its abundant meat, its structure that separates easily from its seeds and its high nutritional value.

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