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Hatice Teyze Anti-Stress Tea (Anti Stres Cayi) 100 Gr

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Melissa is good for gas problem. Relieves migraine and menstrual pain. It has a soothing property. Rosehip, which is a vitamin C store, has an oedematous and diuretic effect. It increases blood cells. Chamomile tea, which is good for migraine, also relieves oedema. This best supermarket tea helps sleep with its soothing effect. It is also said to be good for hair and skin. Hibiscus, known as Japanese rose, strengthens the immune system with its vitamin C content. It regulates the sugar level in the blood. It has a blood pressure lowering effect, renews skin cells.

Hatice Teyze Anti-Stress Tea 100 G

Ingredients: Melissa, rosehip, orange, chamomile, hibiscus

Before I created the brand Hatice Teyze, I designed its content for many years: For example, I travelled many times in Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey on olive oil and its production, I worked with experts, I saw and learned every step on the spot, and I always refreshed my knowledge. In the continuation of this long education-experience process, the brand Hatice Teyze was born, which revives our own taste that we have forgotten or is about to forget, by combining modern equipment and techniques with traditional methods, and protecting the characteristics of our own geography. Over the years I have continued to develop his manufacturing methodologies and best supermarket products. But this is such a big and magical world that our land and the gifts it offers us inspire more and more every day. This is also true for the Bodrum region: The meeting of the sea with the land, the blowing of the winds from the Mediterranean and Anatolia on those lands adds a special spirit to this place and flavour to its products.

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