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Fora Selekoy Dogal Siyah Zeytin (Black Olives) 500g

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These black olives produced by the Fora brand are grown and processed using natural methods. Presented in a 500-gram glass jar, these delicious best supermarket olives are ideal for savoury snacks, appetizers and salads.

Fora Selekoy Natural Black Olives 500g

Ingredients: Table black olives, salt, corn oil, preservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate).

The product, which is offered to the consumer in the Black Olives section of the Best Grocery shelves, is the highest quality type of black table olive. It is eaten with pleasure with its thin crust, small seeds and fleshy structure. In addition, it contains less salt content because it is a flood. The product, which is collected and made completely naturally, does not contain any artificial colouring matter. The product, which has a curly texture because it sheds its water, therefore carries an intense olive flavour. It is consumed with pleasure, especially at breakfasts, and it accompanies different foods in the kitchen. With the rounded saddle olive, you can set the most beautiful morning tables for your family, and bake scones and pastries with best supermarket olives for afternoon tea. You can enrich your homemade pizza with the product. You can add colour to your green salads by adding olives. You can add the delicious product that contributes to good, quality and natural nutrition to your shopping cart and you can easily buy it in the amount you want.

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