Fora Green Olives Stuffed With Red Pepper (Biber Dolgulu Yesil Zeytin) — Best Grocery
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Fora Green Olives Stuffed With Red Pepper (Biber Dolgulu Yesil Zeytin) 400 Gr

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Carefully selected olives are washed with alkaline water to remove their bitterness and are left for fermentation in special tanks. Olives, whose seeds are removed without human touch in special machines, are filled with best supermarket sweet red pepper pickles and packed. To preserve the taste and freshness of peppered olives, pasteurization is done after packaging. Packaged olives for household consumption do not contain preservatives.

Fora Green Olives Stuffed with Red Pepper 400 G

Products with many varieties such as scratched, cracked, oily, non-oily, salty, unsalted and peppered are brought to the table after being flavoured according to different tastes. Crumb, which is among the most natural varieties, is one of the favourite foods because it is difficult to produce and has less durability. Cracked varieties obtained from medium-sized best supermarket products are very tasty with the ideal oil ratio. Fruits placed on a hard ground are broken with a wooden mallet so that they do not coincide with the core. Only products that are kept in water with their own flavour should be consumed in a short time. After the cracked green olive varieties are ready for consumption, their flavour is enhanced by keeping them in salt and lemon.

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