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Fish 4 Ever White Tuna Fish In Organic Olive Oil 120g

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From the UK's leading sustainability expert in canned fish, it's a premium and luxury best supermarket brand of tuna for salads, pastas and other go-to foods. You can safely consume this organic product with your family, friends and people you want to surprise.

Fish 4 Ever White Tuna Fish in Organic Olive Oil 120g

The Fish4Ever brand leads the world in the field of sustainable canned tuna with its success in the supply part. Harmful methods and prevented foreign boats from fishing in the waters of poor coastal states. In addition, our best supermarket yellow fin tuna are caught with two locally owned poles and angling boats. Traceability is provided from each catch to the bucket. The cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from organic farming makes this tuna with really great meat comparable to the best imported premium brands. It's really hard to find a tuna of this quality.


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