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Eti Hosbes Cacao Wafer (Kakaolu Gofret) 142Gr

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Eti Hosbes Cocoa Cream Wafer, this wafer that you will enjoy with your family and loved ones and is a candidate to be a constant in your tea breaks, has thin, crispy Turkish market wafer leaves and cream that melts in your mouth. This product, where you will enjoy the uncoated wafer to the fullest, provides a light taste with its balanced sugar content. You can consume it wherever you want, whenever you want. Cocoa wafer is an ideal choice for those who enjoy the unique taste of cocoa, thanks to its cocoa cream. When stored closed under appropriate conditions, it retains its crispness and flavour until its expiration date.

Eti Hosbes Cacao Wafer 142G

In order to prevent your unpackaged wafers from softening, you need to be careful not to let air in. For this reason, it is important to keep your wafers in closed containers and in cool and moisture-free environments. You can order this amazing Turkish market flavour now from

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