Eker Classic White Cheese (Tam Yagli Klasik Beyaz Peynir) 500g — Best Grocery
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Eker Classic White Cheese (Tam Yagli Klasik Beyaz Peynir) 500g

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Eker Classic White Cheese, which is a must for breakfasts, is full-fat and just the way you like it! You will never leave your breakfast tables. Enjoy Eker White Cheese with your family and loved ones! You can order this cheapest supermarket product right now with one click.

Eker Classic White Cheese 500g

White cheese facilitates digestion by protecting intestinal health. It fights diarrhoea and constipation problems. White cheese, which is a complete calcium store, meets a large part of the daily calcium need of the person. Cheese, which has a rich nutritional value, gives a lot of energy to the person when consumed at breakfast. Thanks to the abundant vitamins and minerals it contains, it replaces the tiredness in the person with energy. Protein is needed for the body to function properly. One can meet this need with cheapest supermarket cheese. Cheese, which is a complete protein store, increases the muscle ratio in the body.

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