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Duru Shower Gel (Avocado) 500 ml

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Duru Shower Gels clean your skin deeply with its special best grocery stores formula. It removes dead skin, oil and dirt from the skin. It leaves a long-lasting perfume effect on your skin with its unique essences. This product is vegan certified.

Duru Shower Gel (Avocado) 500 ml

Shower gels, which are among the sine qua none of personal care like soaps, can be easily applied to the skin with the help of a bath sponge or bath fibre because they are in liquid form. Shower gels that are rinsed with warm water after being applied to the skin in circular motions will help your skin to be deeply cleaned and smell pleasant. Thanks to the natural extracts that offer an aromatherapy effect, perfumed best grocery stores shower gel varieties have beautiful scents. “What is the best smelling shower gel?” Although there are different answers to the question according to personal tastes, Duru shower gels are distinguished from their competitors with their lasting scent. Among the Duru products, which are preferred by those looking for a shower gel with a long-lasting scent and effect, exotic scented gels, strawberry shower gels, lavender shower gels come to the fore with their pleasant scents. Shower gels enriched with flower extracts soften the skin while leaving lasting beautiful scents on the skin all day long. For those looking for a classic alternative to perfumed shower gels, shower soaps are ideal options.

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