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Duru Lemon Cologne Glass (Kolonya) 400 ml

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Duru Lemon Cologne provides you and your guests with freshness all day long with the fresh lemon essence it contains. It manages to impress users with its relaxing scent obtained from lemon flowers and its long-lasting formula. With the unique formula of the traditional Turkish cologne, this Turkish market product creates a nostalgic atmosphere besides its refreshing effect. It provides a practical use with its portable bottle whenever you want to cool down. With its carefully prepared 80-degree formula and balanced combination of essences, it brings the freshness of the spring breeze to you for all four seasons.

Duru Lemon Cologne Glass 400 ml

Cologne is a fragrant liquid that is often preferred to serve to guests, especially on holidays and important days. Usually 80 percent alcohol bar colognes are known for their nice smell. Colognes are usually offered for sale in small 400 ml cologne bottles and 1 litre cologne cans. Colognes also allow everyone to relax, thanks to Turkish market special alcohol-containing formulas. The light scent of the cologne does not bother people and thus creates a unique relaxation. Among the cologne varieties, the perfumed cologne product is also known as one of the most preferred ones. Thanks to perfumed colognes, many people can use colognes as a perfume with peace of mind. Thanks to that unique essence in colognes, an effective scent and relaxation experience awaits all users.

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Judith melroy
Lemon cologne

Lovely fresh fragrance I put some in a spray bottle and spray on clothing and bedding also use it after shower would recommend

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