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Duru Dermason Fasulye 1 kg

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Dermason Beans; they are beans of the Karaman and Konya regions and are known for their superior taste and skin-free feature. It is rich in fibre, vegetable protein and minerals. Duru carefully selects the freshest and highest quality dried Turkish grocery beans at harvest and expertly packages them in its factories with ISO 22000, IFS and BRC certificates. Delicious recipes are waiting for you with Duru Dermason beans, each of which has the same quality. Soak the product for 12 hours before cooking.

Duru Dermason Beans 1 kg

Duru Food Inc. is the only company that aims to bring bulgur back to the tables in Turkey and to introduce bulgur to the kitchens in the world. It is one of the leading food companies in Turkey, headquartered in Karaman. Duru Dermason Beans 1Kg Dermason Beans are a type of bean with white and kidney-shaped grain colours and containing the grains that remain on the sieve when sifted through a sieve with a hole opening of 8 mm. These Turkish grocery beans are from the Karaman and Konya regions and are known for their superior taste and the feature of not leaving a shell. Dermason beans are the most widely used and known beans in our country.

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George Danis

I don't understand Turkish

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