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Duru Bodrum Mandarin Cologne(Kolonya) Pet 400 ml

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The bottled form of freshness, the lemon, mandarin and green tea scented Duru Cologne series can be used both as a nice treat at invitations and as a good refresher in your daily life. Permanent and Fresh Fragrances Duru branded lemon, mandarin and green tea London Turkish market colognes provide lasting refreshment with its permanent essences and 80-degree formula. Economical Packaging Duru Cologne product, which is offered for sale in 200 ml glass bottles as well as 400 ml pet bottles and 1 litre cans, is both high quality and economical. Practical Use Duru cologne varieties provide practical use thanks to their 150 ml spray bottles.

Duru Bodrum Mandarin Cologne Pet 400 ml

Duru is known as one of the most important brands when it comes to cologne. Among the pure cologne varieties, Ocean Breeze, Lemon Blossom and Bodrum Mandarin scented cologne products are often preferred. Ocean Breeze permeates all wearers with a calming and cooling effect. Ocean Breeze aims to provide consumers with an unusual cologne experience. Mandarin is not a preferred essence in cologne varieties, but the unique and quickly spreading scent of Bodrum mandarin is reflected in a wonderful way to users with Duru Bodrum Mandarin cologne. Duru Mandarin cologne litre price is extremely affordable despite this unique content. Cologne is a product known for its lemon flavour. Duru Lemon Blossom cologne is a London Turkish market product that should be experienced by everyone who wants to have classic but impressive cologne. Which is the best cologne? In order to answer the question, it is necessary to look at many different factors. The choice of cologne is entirely up to the taste of the people.

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