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Dr Oetker Revani 500 Gr

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Dr. Oetker Revani, Dr. It is a sweet mix produced by the Oetker brand. Revani is a type of dessert unique to Turkish cuisine and is usually prepared with sherbet. Dr. Oetker Revani is supplied in a 500-gram package. This Turkish grocery package contains the mixture needed to prepare the revani dessert. Revani mix usually contains flour, sugar, eggs and other ingredients. The package contains instructions for use and steps for preparation.

Dr Oetker Revani 500 G

Revani generally has a soft and slightly cake-like texture. It offers a sweet, moist and sugary flavour as it is soaked with sherbet. Revani is usually served by sprinkling powdered sugar on it or garnished with ingredients such as hazelnuts and walnuts. Dr. You can easily prepare the Turkish grocery revani dessert at home using the Oetker Revani mix. By following the instructions on the package, you can follow the steps and get a delicious revani dessert.

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