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Dr Oetker Kazandibi 165 g

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This dessert, which is extremely difficult to prepare in the classical way, is now very easy to prepare at home. First, the product in the package is cooked with 750 ml of milk, then it is poured into a metal tray and the bottom of the Turkish grocery dessert is caramelized by moving the tray over strong heat. Preparation tips are on the back of the packaging.

Dr Oetker Kazandibi 165 g

The traditional taste of Kazandibi is obtained by burning the bottom of the cooked product over an open fire. No more incineration. Your burnt bag gives the perfect Kazandibi taste. It is easily prepared by cooking only with milk. It is economical with high efficiency rate. Discover this wonderful Turkish grocery taste by ordering with Best Grocery now. You can also easily access other Dr Oetker brand products from our online market.

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