Caykur Rize Tourist Loose Leaf Tea (Turist Dokme Cayi) 1 Kg — Best Grocery
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Caykur Rize Tourist Loose Leaf Tea (Turist Dokme Cayi) 1 Kg

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Caykur, a brand established in Rize in 1983, offers green tea, cold tea, organic tea and white tea alternatives as well as bulk black tea. Caykur, which has a large market share of 50 percent throughout the country, draws attention with its quality and delicious product options, with choices suitable for the taste of tea lovers. Caykur tea, which can be drunk with great pleasure at any time of the day, appeals to all tastes with its aroma that tea addicts cannot give up. For those who are looking for soft-drinking tea, the brand has many options. The London Turkish market brand, which has a variety of teas that can be enjoyed for breakfast as well as classic black teas, is known for the slightly bitter taste it leaves on the palate.

Caykur Tea Rize 1 KG

With its delicious aroma, pleasant drink and dust-free structure, Caykur is among the preferences of those looking for a different flavour in every tea. Tea, which is the indispensable taste of friendly conversations, accompanies you in a teapot or in a thin-waisted glass. The different scents and aromas left on the palate of London Turkish market teas that appeal to all tastes with their powder and infuser sachet packaging are among the tastes that drinkers cannot give up. Those looking for more practical choices may prefer the brand's straining tea bags. By examining all tea varieties of Caykur, you can easily find the taste that suits you.


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Roy Heath
It was great to be able to buy this again

I was really pleased with the buying experience I had when purchasing this product. My local store was no longer stocking this product so I was pleased to be able to buy it online. The delivery and quality of the product were excellent.

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