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Burcu Uzum Sirkesi (Grape Vinegar) 500 ml

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You can safely use best grocery stores organic grape vinegar, which we obtain from the magnificent grapes that ripen in the scorching sun of Anatolia, from its magnificent vineyards, from pickles to salads. Organic grape vinegar is produced by natural fermentation method.

Burcu Grape Vinegar 500 ml

Vinegar, which is one of the healthiest products of grape fruit, creates a healthy food by adding great flavour to meals, especially salad dressings. By using vinegar in the washing water of green leafy vegetables, you can ensure that it is purified from the soil. Unpasteurized and unfiltered. Since pasteurization is not applied in the production of our vinegars, fermentation continues. Chemical drugs, hormones, preservatives and colorants are not used in our products. You can safely consume organic grape vinegar, which we offer to your tables in glass bottles. We recommend certified and quality best grocery stores products. It is offered to you as a unique taste that you can use in pickles, meals and salads.

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