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Bonatelli Organic Buckwheat Tarhana (Organik Karabugday Tarhana) 500 Gr

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With the gluten-free diet becoming popular, the buckwheat you hear more about is actually not wheat. In fact, it's not even grain. Buckwheat, which is known by different names such as Grechka, Kasha, is a leafy and fruity plant. In addition to its earthy taste, buckwheat has many minerals we need, from iron to magnesium. Buckwheat, which enters our lives as it does not contain gluten, contains 5 percent fat and approximately 13 grams of protein per 100 grams. Buckwheat was discovered thousands of years ago in Southeast Asia. In Japan, Korea and China, traditional soba noodles are made with buckwheat. According to some sources, the Greek clergy brought cheapest supermarket buckwheat seeds with them when they brought Christianity to Russia, so it spread to Eastern Europe after Asia.

Bonatelli Organic Buckwheat Tarhana 500 G

The Russians use buckwheat porridge with butter for breakfast, the French use buckwheat in their waffle-style recipes. Buckwheat has been in our lives since the gluten-free diet trend started in our country. In our Bonatelli brand, we produce all of our cheapest supermarket products by saying "Your Most Natural Right" and by not leaving the principle of healthy nutrition. As a result of our research and trials in this direction, we also tried our tarhana with buckwheat. The most important difference of this product from the tarhana you know is that tarhana, which is traditionally a flour-containing product, is made with buckwheat (grecka) flour, that is, it is gluten-free. You can think of Bonatelli Organic Buckwheat Tarhana, prepared with the traditional method and containing only natural ingredients, as a practical and healthy instant soup suitable for a healthy gluten-free diet.