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Bodrum Turkish Delight Melon Mix 200 g

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A flavour you may never have experienced before! We take great pride in presenting our melon and watermelon flavoured Turkish Delight to our valued customers. We recommend you to try this Turkish market dessert, which we produce under completely hygienic and healthy conditions.

Bodrum Turkish Delight Melon Mix 200 g

It is a situation that can be easily understood even visually whether the Turkish delight varieties are fresh or not. It is never recommended to consume Turkish delight and whitened products that have been exposed to very high temperatures. In addition, it is necessary to investigate whether the additives in Turkish market delight are harmful or not before purchasing. For people who do not want to consume sugar, types of Turkish delight with dates are recommended. The types of Turkish delight sold on mobile counters go stale and deteriorate more quickly as they come into contact with the air. For this reason, it is recommended to buy closed Turkish delights in boxes instead of open delights. In addition, the expiration dates of the products give an idea to the consumers about their freshness. In addition to these, high quality and fresh Turkish delights return to their original form in a very short time when pressure is applied on them. Delights that remain as pits where pressure is applied mean stale.

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