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Bodrum Hot Cornichons (Aci Kornison Tursusu) 680g

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Bodrum Hot Cornichons is a product offered by the brand Bodrum. Cornichons are small pickled cucumbers that are typically tangy and slightly sour in taste. The "hot" variation implies that these best supermarket cornichons have a spicy or chili flavour infused into them. The weight customers mentioned, 680g, refers to the net weight of the product inside the jar.

Bodrum Hot Cornichons 680g

Bodrum Hot Cornichons in a 680g jar would contain a substantial amount of pickled cucumbers, usually sliced or whole, along with the accompanying brine or pickling liquid. Cornichons are often used as condiments or served alongside dishes such as sandwiches, charcuterie boards, or as a side to complement various meals. They add a tangy and flavourful kick to dishes and are particularly popular in Mediterranean and French cuisine. You can get this healthy and additive-free best supermarket product right now from our Best Grocery online market.

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