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Atiye Laçin Quince Jam Homemade Natural (Ayva Reçeli Ev Yapımı Doğal) 250 Gr

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Atiye Laçin Quince Jam Homemade Natural  (Ayva Reçeli Ev Yapımı Doğal) 250 Gr

It has high fruit ratio, no additives and preservatives, does not contain pectin, glucose syrup and colorant.

Ingredients: Quince, Sugar, Lemon Juice

A sweet flavor to your tables from the fragrant piquant and juicy quince of the ancient Native Seeds of the Çanakkale region in Turkey...

By using the mildly sour and juicy quince species grown from the oldest race of Çanakkale region, we cook our jams in copper pots with white beat sugar without any additive or stabilizer.

Produced with totally natural and traditional method, the jam contains quince, water, white sugar, and lemon juice. Quince jam can be eaten with hazelnut and cream or used in tarts and cookies.

Enjoy this jam as toasts, biscuits, cakes, cheese, pastries and even cake filling.

It is produced according to BRC Food Safety Standards and Halal certified.

It is done with traditional methods. No additives, preservatives, glucose syrup. Our analyses are carried out by an accredited institution.

Quince, one of the rare fruits of the winter months, also has plenty of vitamin A, B and C. It is very rich in phosphorus, copper, sodium, potassium, zinc, iron, selenium.

You can use it for breakfast for your children or as a flavoring of the flavors in your kitchen. Our choice with cream and ice cream…


Çanakkale yöresinde en eski cins yerli tohum olan mis gibi kokulu mayhoş ve sulu ayvalardan katkı maddesi ve kıvam arttırıcı kullanmadan bakır tencerede beyaz pancar şekeri ile kaynatılır.

Tamamen doğal ve geleneksel yöntemle üretilen marmelatın içinde ayva, su, beyaz şeker, limon suyu bulunmaktadır. Ayva marmelatı cevizle kaymakla yenilebilir ya da ayvalı tart tarifleri, kurabiye tariflerinde kullanılabilir.

İçindekiler : Ayva, Su, Şeker, Limon Tuzu