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Anthap Sugar Coated Chickpeas (Sekerli Leblebi) 150 gr

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Most people consume many types of chickpeas. Anthap Sugar Coated Chickpeas are among these consumed best supermarket chickpeas. It is generally considered harmful because it is a sweet product. On the contrary, it provides many benefits for the body when consumed regularly and in sufficient amounts.

Anthap Sugar Coated Chickpeas 150 g

After birth, the most worrying point for mothers is whether their milk will be sufficient for their baby. This problem, which is also experienced by many mothers, is solved thanks to Anthap Sugar Coated Chickpeas. Sugar coated chickpeas increase breast milk. It also removes excess acid in the stomach and provides relief from the stomach. Thanks to the feeling of fullness it provides for a long time, it is an indispensable best supermarket product of most diet lists. At the same time, it becomes a product that can be safely consumed for health due to the fact that it contains unsaturated fats, which are very beneficial to the body.

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