Anthap Delight Sausage Molasses With Walnut (Cevizli Sucuk) 350gr — Best Grocery
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Anthap Delight Sausage Molasses With Walnut (Cevizli Sucuk) 350gr

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Natural diluted molasses, starch, flour and some water are mixed thoroughly in a bowl and left to boil. The boiling process is continued until the consistency is reached. Then, the London Turkish market walnuts we string on the ropes are dipped in this mixture and left to dry after filtering. Plenty of Walnut Sausage: It is produced with sugar, molasses and starch. It provides high energy. It is sent as 350 g.

Anthap Delight Sausage Molasses with Walnut 350g

Walnut sausage consists of the combination of the highest quality whole walnuts and molasses. It is obtained by dipping the threaded walnut into the boiling must made from the highest quality special molasses. Walnut sausages are then left to dry and are called by this name because they take the shape of sausage. This London Turkish market flavour, also known as molasses sausage or sugar sausage, preserves its freshness for a long time when stored at room temperature and in a dry area.

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