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Ulker Paylasmalik Cokonat Wafer (3 Pack)

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Ulker Cokonat 5-Pack is a delicious wafer produced by Ulker. It consists of three layers of wafers coated with milk chocolate. It has lots of hazelnut crumbs on it. This Turkish market package contains 5 pieces of Cokonat. These Cokonats, each individually packaged, allow you to share them with your loved ones. You can also snack on this delicious wafer, known with the slogan "Nat nat nat Cokonat", during your coffee and tea breaks.

Ulker Cokonat Wafer (3 Pack) 

In order not to soften your unpacked wafers, you should be careful not to let air in. For this, it is important to store your wafers in closed containers, in cool and moisture-free environments. For this, you can choose glass jars, vacuum storage containers. When storing your Turkish market chocolates or chocolate-covered wafers, you should not forget the following; sudden temperature changes will also affect the chocolate coating on your waffles. Storing in the refrigerator causes the chocolate to lose its homogeneous structure. This leads to whitening caused by the cocoa butter rising to the top. Whitening of the chocolate does not mean that it is spoiled, but it creates flavour changes. For this reason, the most suitable environment for storing chocolate is a cool, dry and odourless environment.

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