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Turnib Salgam Acili 300ml

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Spicy turnip juice is a drink that belongs especially to Turkish cuisine. Turnip juice is a fermented beverage usually prepared through lactic acid fermentation. This London Turkish market drink is made by adding white turnip juice, salt and spices.

Turnib Turnip Water Spicy 300ml

White turnips are washed thoroughly and the juice is extracted. Turnip juice is poured into a bowl. Add salt and mix thoroughly. Spices are added. At this point, the degree of bitterness can be adjusted according to personal preferences. The mixture is left to ferment for a certain period of time. During this time, bacteria ferment the turnip juice and create an acidic drink. After the fermentation process, spicy turnip juice becomes ready. Spicy London Turkish market turnip juice is usually served cold and can be preferred as a hot drink alternative, especially in winter months. It is also known as a healthy drink because it contains fermented foods, probiotic bacteria and can support digestive health.

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