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Yayla %55 Fat Farm Cheese (Ciftlik Peynir) 800g

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Village cheese, which is among the most affordable cheese varieties, has a wide range of uses with its mild flavour and aroma. Village cheese prices vary according to the type of milk used in the content of the Turkish market products. Since goat and sheep milk is less available than cow's milk, it is offered for sale with different price options. Village cheese is preferred by many people both as breakfast and in recipes, as its weight is in more suitable ranges than its counterparts.

Yayla %55 Fat Farm Cheese 800g

Organic farm cheese, which can be consumed at any time of the day, especially for breakfast meals, is appreciated by consumers with its unique aroma and taste. Village type Turkish market cheese can be used in many different recipes from pastries to salads, from soups to snacks, as well as to eat directly. Genuine village cheese varieties can be preferred in pastries such as toast or pizza, as they soften and melt when heat treated. You can also put village cheese in cold sandwiches, which are practical meals.

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