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Sutas White Cream Cheese 300g

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Sutas White Cream Cheese 300g

Handcrafted with traditional Turkish methods, this spread cheese has a creamy delicacy not to be missed!  Sutas white cream cheese is the choice of cheese gourmets with its many varieties that suit every palate. With its unique taste and perfect consistency, Sutas Cream Cheese adds deliciousness to any moment throughout the day. Delicately produced with Sutas cheese and with its convenient packaging, Sutas Cream Cheese is the favourite of all family members, especially for the youngsters and children


Cheese, cow's milk, emulsifying salts (polyphosphates), thickener (carrageenan - seaweed extract), colorant (cayenne pepper extract), sorbic acid, table salt.

Nutritive Value

Energy and Nutrients for 100g

Energy (kJ & kcal) 790 / 190
Fat (g) 82.0
Saturated Fat (g) 53.3
Carbonhydrate (g) 0.4
Protein (g) 0.4
Sugar (g) 1,5
Salt (g) 0.3
Calcium (mg) 0