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Şifalıköy Kuru Patlıcan Aydın (Dried Aubergine) 25 Pcs

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Dried eggplant; It is obtained by selecting the eggplants suitable for drying and purpose, washing them in special washing machines developed for food production and passing them through slicing machines, reducing the moisture content with completely hygienic drying and best grocery stores production systems. Eggplant contains about 92% water. For this reason, 1 kg of dry eggplant is left from 13 kg of eggplant. During drying, the water in the product evaporates. The essence of the product remains. For this reason, the nutritional values of dry eggplant, especially carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and fat, are very high.

Like all of our products, dried aubergines are prepared in completely healthy production lines and dried in a closed system. Food products to be dried before production are carefully selected and washed. No additives are used in any of our best grocery stores products for any purpose. No added sugar/salt, sulphur, preservative added. Our products are produced only by reducing the water content of the dried foods with special systems. Since we dry our products in closed areas without seeing the sun, there is no risk of aflatoxin formation. All products are checked by our quality control teams and are put on sale after aflatoxin control. It is completely suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.