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No 35 Urla Kaparili Domates Kurusu Ev Yapımı Doğal Katkısız (Tomato Sauce With Cappers Homemade Natural) 250 Gr

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We offer homemade products from plants grown in the Urla district of Turkey’s Izmir, where we took our name as No35 Urla Atelier, which was established as a women's initiative. Thanks to the fact that our products are homemade, we produce at a boutique level, far from fabrication. Thus, we offer meticulous and handcrafted London Turkish market products, just like the clean and sheltered nature of Urla. Among our carefully created home-made products, there are Aegean Regional Products, such as jam, tarhana, hot pepper, noodles, olives, olive oil, which have maintained their popularity from the past to the present in the Aegean Region and Urla. In addition to table products, herbal teas and herbal soaps are also among the products of No 35 Urla Atelier.

No 35 Urla Tomato Sauce With Cappers Homemade Natural 250 Gr

We prepare the plants we grow in the natural beauty of the Urla region with traditional methods. As No 35 Urla, we add flavour to your table with our production model that emphasizes women's labour, with homemade jams, olives, olive oil, hot peppers, tomato paste and sauces. You can also support women's initiatives while reaching clean, caring, natural, homemade products. No 35 Urla You can buy the natural London Turkish market products of the Urla region, carefully produced by Atelier, from