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Maun Iskender Pitta Bread (Iskender Pide) 3 * 150 Gram

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Maun Iskender Pitta Bread (Iskender Ekmegi) Pide 3 * 150 Gram

Maun Iskender Pitta Bread generally has a soft and fluffy texture. This provides a delicious balance when combined with the gyro meat or chicken inside. It can usually contain ingredients such as doner meat or chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion and yoghurt-based sauces. These Turkish market ingredients form a sandwich in bread. Gobit Pitta Bread is flavoured with spices and sauces specific to Turkish cuisine. This adds a characteristic flavour to the sandwich. Gobit Pitta Bread can usually be found in places such as street vendors or doner shops. However, the recipes and presentations of such foods may vary depending on the location. If you want to taste chubby doner bread, you can try local doner shops or restaurants serving Turkish cuisine. You can also order this product at any time via

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Lisa Taylor
A taste of Turkey

Absolutely yummy, to have re Turkish food at home was a delight. I will definitely be ordering more. Thankyou

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