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Makam White Date-Basil Sherbet (Hurma-Reyhan Şerbeti) 250 ml

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Makam Beverage combines the aroma of basil and the flavour of dates, offering Date-Basil Sherbet beverage to your tables and your taste buds. You can enjoy Date-Basil Sherbet drink, which contains two different Turkish market flavours that do not contain sweetener, colorant and preservative.

Makam White Date-Basil Sherbet 250 ml

Ingredients: Water, Dates (35%), Sugar (S*), Basil, Lemon, Black Carrot Concentrate.

(S*): Powdered Sugar

  • Produced in accordance with the non-alcoholic beverages communiqué.

Dates are the delicious fruit of the date palm tree, the use of which dates back to ancient times. Date tree is grown especially in the Middle East region with its many different varieties such as Medina, Medjul, and Amber. Its fruits are consumed dry or fresh. All varieties of dates are very rich in carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids, protein and fibre. Dates also contain 15 different minerals and vitamins C, B1, B2, and A. Dates contain more than 10 elements that are vital for the human body to stay healthy and fit. Today scientists state that humans can live for years only on dates and water for this reason.

Basil, whose scientific name is "ocimum basilicum", belongs to the same family as basil. Basil, also known as basil among the people, is one of the important ingredients of many dishes, both hot and cold, with its beautiful smell. It is the raw material of the indispensable sherbets of the Ottoman Palaces. Basil, which has antibacterial properties, is very effective in cleaning the body. It was not consumed only as sherbet in the Ottoman Empire. It was also used for the beauty of the skin of the palace sultans.

Although it is known as an aroma enhancer in the world due to its smell, it has found a place in the cuisines of many countries due to its benefits. It has a healing effect for many health problems and diseases. The fresh is more beneficial than the dried form, but many benefits can be obtained from the dried form, especially by making tea. It is also a natural Turkish market medicine used by alternative medicine specialists for healing purposes. Basil, which is used as a sedative in mental illnesses, is very rich in substances such as omega-3 calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron.