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Makam White Apple Juice (Elma Suyu) 250 ml

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Makam White Apple Juice

Makam White Elma Suyu 

Apple is the first step of a new beginning. It is the first step towards good health, abundance, and taste.

It is the mysterious fruit of enchanting stories. It is a unique vitamin source with its compounds.

As a powerful antioxidant, apple renovates cells and boots the immune system.

Its high vitamin C content protects the body against infections. While strengthening bones with its vitamin K, it allows the body to synthesize proteins with vitamin B6.

Apple also contributes to teeth and gum health with its vitamin A content.

Protecting the body against many diseases, apple prevents sudden blood sugar fluctuations with the pectin it contains.

Just like many other traditional and natural flavors, Makam White offers you a beverage without any chemicals, colorants, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

Makam White Apple is just the flavor and consistency you are looking for...

The healthy and delicious choice for you!

Ingredients: Water, Mashed Apple (35%), Sugar (S*). (S*): Granulated Sugar Produced According to Turkish Food Codex Fruit Juice and Similar Products Communique

Makam White Elma Suyu 

Makam White, doğal ve geleneksel pek çok tat gibi elma suyunu da kimyasal, renklendirici ve koruyucu içermeyen en sağlıklı biçimiyle sizlerin beğenisine sunuyor.

Makam White Elma İçeceği tam aradığınız tat ve kıvamda… Tam istediğiniz gibi sağlıklı ve lezzetli!

İçindekiler: Su, Elma Püresi (%35), Şeker (S*).
(S*): Toz Şeker