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Makam White Date-Rose Sherbet (Hurma-Gül Şerbeti) 1000 ml

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Makam White Hurma-Gül Şerbeti 

Makam White Date-Rose Sherbet

With a special and unique place among flowers and one of the oldest beauty secrets of the world, the rose has always been added to medicines, healing plant treatments, and cosmetics formulas.

Rose extract oil, on the other hand, has antibacterial, fungicidal, and antiviral properties.

It is also used to relieve sore throat, high fever, and cough. To make the most of the benefits of rose water, it is very important that the rose water is pure and additive-free.

One of the most nutritious fruits found in nature, the date is a very powerful antioxidant that is good for the cardiovascular, bone, stomach, kidney diseases, and many other healthcare problems.

It also provides energy and strength to the body and has blood-forming features.

This amazing mixture of date and rose is no less than a healing elixir.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, this Date-Rose mixture will have miraculous contributions to your health.

Makam White Date Rose Sherbet is produced in accordance with its natural essence without any additives and is bottled and delivered to you in sanitary conditions.

Drink it with a piece of mind...

Ingredients: Water, Date (35%), Sugar (S*), Scented Pink Rose, Isparta Natural Rosewater, Date Mash, Black Carrot Concentration. (S*): Granulated Sugar Produced According to Turkish Food Codex Fruit Juice and Similar Products Communique

Makam White Hurma-Gül: 

Makam İçecek, iki farklı bitki olan hurma ve gülü, Makam White Hurma Gül içeceğinde buluşturuyor.

Tamamıyla doğal ve hiçbir katkı maddesi içermeksizin doğadaki özüne uygun olarak üretilen Makam White Hurma Gül içeceği, hafif ve keyifli içimiyle iki farklı lezzeti bir arada sunuyor.

İçindekiler: Su, Hurma (%35), Şeker (S*), Kokulu Pembe Gül, Isparta Doğal Gül Suyu, Hurma Püre, Siyah Havuç Konsantresi. (S*).
(S*): Toz Şeker