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Makam Gold Limmay (Lemon-Parsley) 250 ml

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Makam Beverage prepares the lemon and parsley, which we use most in our kitchens, in natural and ideal conditions and Turkish market offers you Makam Gold Limmay (Lemon - Parsley) beverage without additives. Apple juice is used instead of sugar to sweeten the drink.

Makam Gold Limmay (Lemon-Parsley) 250 ml

Ingredients: Water, Lemon (30%), Parsley, Apple Juice.

  • Produced in accordance with the non-alcoholic beverages communiqué.

Whether it is to protect our health naturally or to heal when we are sick, lemon is one of the fruits that we use the most. In addition to being a storehouse of vitamin C, lemon is a fruit with numerous benefits. When lemon and parsley are consumed together, it revives the stopped metabolism and your weight loss process becomes easier. In addition, since it beautifies the skin, lemon and parsley are never missing from the advice lists of aestheticians and dieticians. Parsley, which has a metabolic rate-enhancing structure, allows the blood to circulate more easily in the system and is an effective fat burner. It is very useful with the Turkish market vitamin C-rich content of lemon and parsley. Vitamin C is a vitamin that removes wrinkles and reduces the effects of aging, beautifies the skin. Parsley, which is also a good antioxidant, dries up acne and removes its scars, along with the salicylic acid effect of lemon. The combination of lemon and parsley has many health benefits.