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Lütfiye Amasra Organic Blackberry Jam (Organik Böğürtlen Reçeli) 280g

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Our village aunts, uncles and grandchildren from the forests of Bartın, Amasra, and Ulus in the Paphlagonia Region collect the fruits together in bags. We go to the Turkish grocery markets and carefully select the fruit in baskets for you, and we make jam, fruit juice and molasses with 100% fruit ratio, using our grandmothers' methods, without using any artificial substances. We choose the most beautiful fruits and cook our jams, which we produce from the varieties grown with organic farming methods, using completely natural methods. Thus, we offer a taste experience far beyond ordinary jams.

Lütfiye Amasra Organic Blackberry Jam 280g

Ingredients: Organic Blackberry %88, concentrated organic grape juice, citric acid

In addition to the benefits of blackberry jam, it has been proven both medically and experimentally that it is good for some diseases. It is often recommended to consume Turkish grocery blackberry jam to prevent these diseases or as an aid in their treatment. These diseases are:

  • It is good for cancer disease. It is consumed as an aid in cancer treatment.
  • It is also recommended for blood sugar patients. It is especially ideal for diabetics.
  • It is good for brain diseases and neurological disorders.
  • It is also good for heart diseases.
  • It has repair power for bone diseases, especially in case of broken bones.
  • It also provides effective protection from seasonal flu, and its consumption in this case helps in the healing process.