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Hünnap Lipozomal Vitamin-C 150 ml

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Jujube Lipo-C supplement supports you and protects your loved ones. In answer to the question of what is the difference between Turkish grocery liposomal vitamin c and vitamin c, we can say that it is produced by liposomal transport technology. The advantage of the liposomal method is that since the absorption is not in the stomach, it does not cause discomfort in the stomach. Since it is absorbed from the intestine, it mixes with the blood faster and passes into the cell faster. Efficiency increases as it is absorbed by the body at a high rate due to direct absorption. Biocompatibility is higher as it is carried by phospholipids.

Hünnap Lipozomal Vitamin-C 150 ml

Active Ingredients


     BRD (%)

Vitamin C

(Sodium L-Ascorbate)







         1077 mg 

         571 mg

         340 mg

         166 mg

Liposomal c technology is used to transport phospholipids and water and fat-soluble substances. Structures similar to liposomes in our body are formed. Therefore, phospholipids are needed to form these small vesicles. Biocompatibility is high due to the use of less auxiliary substances in Turkish grocery production.

Children aged 4 and over can consume by mixing 5 ml with 100 ml of water once a day, adults over the age of 11 and adults can consume once a day by mixing 10 ml of Lipo c with 100 ml of water.