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WE DELIVER TO ALL UK ( England, Wales, Scotland )
WE DELIVER TO ALL UK ( England, Wales, Scotland )

Hatice Teyze Homemade Orange And Carrot Jam (Portakalli Havuc Receli) 310 g

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Hatice Teyze Homemade  Orange And Carrot Jam (Portakalli Havuc Receli) 310 g

Among the most popular vegetables in winter, carrots are an indispensable part of your meals and salads with their orange color. It is one of the few vegetables that children enjoy without a fuss. Carrots also go well in baked goods and desserts with a slightly sweet flavor.

Hatice Teyze presents this flavor that people of all ages enjoy eating, to you in a different and surprising form. Hatice Teyze Carrot with Orange Jam is a natural jam for people who want to expand their taste and try something new. This jam is a little different from the jams we are used to that are made of classic fruits. 

What Region's Carrots is Hatice Teyze Carrot Jam Made From?

Hatice Teyze first searches for carrots grown in the best and clearest soil to make this jam that your family will enjoy for breakfast. She has discovered the carrots grown in the Konya region and the soil there to achieve this goal. Agriculture started by using the soil and seeds that meet the right conditions, with consideration for the environmental factors. 

The right farming methods have to be used in order for the carrots grown with great effort, to be natural. When the carrots that meet these conditions become ripe, they are harvested fresh in the appropriate season. 

What Makes Hatice Teyze Carrot Jam Unique?

This jam, which will become a royal presence at your table with its naturalness, is one of the delicious tastes produced with the quality of Hatice Teyze. By blending traditional methods with technological innovations, this product is presented to you with the purity you are looking for.

To prepare the jam, freshly picked carrots are first thoroughly cleaned and chopped in the method we have seen from our grandmothers, then the mixture is thickened by boiling and orange, sugar and lemon are added. Finally, the jam is poured into glass jars to be presented to you. 

Although making natural carrot jam seems quite simple, it requires great effort and patience. With a small amount of added sugar, you can safely consume this jam as if you made it yourself at home. 

Another unique aspect of this jam is the carrot's own nutritious and fibrous structure. It is both easy to digest and its structure softens your intestines. Plus, it gives you energy, enables you to start the day fresh and relieves your physical and mental fatigue.

The product is presented for sale with all-natural and environmentally friendly materials, from the carrots that are picked to the craft paper used on the jars. Hatice Teyze and her experienced teamwork on the products meticulously from the moment of production until they are ready for sale. So, as you can see, the main things that make Hatice Teyze's jam unique are gratitude for nature, respect for the environment and love for people. 

Does Hatice Teyze Carrot Jam Contain Any Additives?

You can see and experience Hatice Teyze's love for nature in all her products. She presents all of the blessings provided to people by nature, in their most natural form without spoiling them with additives. Hatice Teyze, who considers your health to be entrusted to her, never puts any additives or artificial ingredients in her products.

The jam made with harvested carrots contains only carrots, oranges, clean drinking water, a small amount of sugar to sweeten, and lemon to prevent crystallizing.  You can find natural carrot flavor in every grain of the jam made with less sugar and plenty of carrots. 

Ingredients: Carrot, orange, sugar, drinking water, lemon.

Hatice Teyze Homemade  Orange And Carrot Jam (Portakalli Havuc Receli) 310 g

Hatice Teyze Portakallı Havuç Reçeli, iki muhteşem turuncunun  portakal ve havucun muhteşem uyumuile hazırlandı. 

Katkısız ve koruyucusuz ve renklendirici kullanılmadan geleneksel yöntemlerle pancar şekeri kullanılarak hazırlanan reçelimiz sofralarınızın yeni vazgeçilmezlerinden olacak.

En güzel zamanında toplanan en tatlı ve az çekirdeği bulunan yöre portakalları  ile topraktan taze topladığımızı tatlı havucu özenle seçip geleneksel yöntemler ile  bakır kazanlarda pişiriyoruz.

Hem dokusu hem aroması hem lezzetinde iddialı olduğumuz Hatice Teyze Havuç Reçeli'ni  kahvaltıda , kek ve kurabiyelerde, meyve salatalarında ve soslarda kullanabilirsiniz.