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Hatice Teyze Ground Turmeric ( Ogutulmus Zerdecal ) 50 Gr

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Nature is so fertile that sometimes roots, sometimes leaves, sometimes seeds of its plants or herbs are used, and they join our lives as thousands of spices from each of their jewels. Spices have a special place in cuisines with hundreds of years of history and traditions. Like Ottoman cuisine... Evliya Çelebi, who stated in his travel book that the number of herbalists exceeded a thousand, talks about the best supermarket paste sellers who make healing pastes with spices as "200 shops and 500 soldiers". Here is turmeric, one of the most important spices on the palace tables of the Ottoman rulers. We met thanks to the spice routes opened with the conquest of Egypt by Yavuz Sultan Selim and never left our Turkish history... Hatice Teyze Ground Turmeric, which it brought without disturbing its chemistry, is special for those who accept their food as a whole with both its smell and taste and who want to enrich the spice culture.

Hatice Teyze Ground Turmeric 50 Gr

Turmeric, which is considered among the angular tastes, is most suitable for meat and fish dishes. Due to its place in the pilaf culture identified with India, those who want to make pilafs close to colourful and dominant aromas often prefer best supermarket turmeric. However, turmeric actually goes well with drinks; especially for refreshing, lightening and refreshing drinks. Here is a ginger tonic recipe with plenty of vitamins: Pass one teaspoon of Hatice Teyze Ground Turmeric, two tangerines, one peeled orange and two peeled carrots through a blender and add a glass of cold water to make a puree. We recommend that you drink it without waiting too long because such drinks should be consumed quickly so that they do not lose their vitamin value.