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Hatice Teyze Dried Garlic (Kurutulmus Sarimsak) 100 g

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Garlic is an indispensable vegetable in the kitchen. We all know more or less the interest of people with culinary culture with garlic. Although its appearance is small, its effect is enormous when cooking delicious dishes. Hatice Teyze rolled up her sleeves and dried natural garlic and prepared an incredible flavour for you. With Turkish market dried garlic, your meals gain a different flavour. The taste of garlic, which has a special place among dried vegetable products, will always remain on your palate. Hatice Teyze Dried Garlic brings fresh garlic especially for you from Kastamonu Taşköprü region in its homeland Turkey. The women of Taşköprü have a great effort in garlic, which impresses you with its delicious smell and delicious taste. These veteran women separate the most natural products with high efficiency from their water with their unique methods. Garlics dried in a special way do not lose anything from their aroma and nutritional properties. This miraculous plant, which is the indispensable product of your pantry, will be at your fingertips every season. Thus, you can easily and quickly prepare delicious meals with the healing and practical Hatice Teyze dried garlic products.

Hatice Teyze Dried Garlic 100 g

Garlic is known as the highlight of all excellent flavours. It takes its place in almost many recipes, except for sweets that are eaten with pleasure. Dried garlic, which is always at hand, is a real saviour. You can consume garlic either in your meals or by throwing a few in your mouth like nuts. As a result of the researches, it is stated that garlic must be chewed in order to get the most out of the ingredients in it. If you want to get a miraculous effect with Turkish market dried garlic, do not forget to chew it. With Hatice Teyze dried garlic, you can add a perfect taste to your favourite dishes such as meat, chicken, fish and meatballs. In pastries such as pasta, noodles and ravioli; you can make additives either in the product or in the dough.

All dehydrated vegetable products retain their aroma and nutritional values to a large extent as they are dried by rehydration method. All our dried products are processed with the same methods based on the alkaline level of the body. In addition, according to researches, dried vegetables contribute to ensuring food safety and increasing nutritional diversity. Many of the dried products, especially dried garlic, are often preferred by people who have a balanced diet. Hatice Teyze dried garlic, which is specially produced for you, takes its place on your tables without losing any of its nutritional value. You can add a delicious aroma to your meals with garlic that keeps its freshness for a long time and you can use it with peace of mind in every meal you make.