Hatice Teyze Mixed Vegetable Celery (Kerevizli Sebze Karisimi ) 100 Gr — Best Grocery
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Hatice Teyze Mixed Vegetable Celery (Kerevizli Sebze Karisimi ) 100 Gr

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A special blend of healthy and delicious flavours combined with the signature of Hatice Teyze, who uses natural methods at all stages! We prepared the celery vegetable mix by carefully combining the freshest vegetables. We collected the green and red peppers, leeks, the freshest carrots and tomatoes, granular cut onions and of course celery grown in the fertile soil of Anatolia with great precision. Then, we dried our fresh vegetables with the rehydration method. Thus, we preserved the nutritional values of our products. We brought all these London Turkish market flavours together and packed them in a 100 gram package and made it ready for use. As Hatice Teyze brand, we work with the aim of offering practical and natural touches to your kitchens. Vegetable mix with celery is a candidate to be among your indispensables with its special taste that everyone from small to large will love!

Hatice Teyze Mixed Vegetable Celery 100 Gr

We brought together celery, the favourite vegetable of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, with healthy vegetables of a thousand and one colours. This unique mixture of celery, carrot, tomato, red pepper, green pepper, onion and leek will be the most natural and favourite flavour of your tables! Celery; It is one of the most popular members of olive oil recipes with its high vitamin, mineral and fibre values. We carry great care and sensitivity when combining celery, a rare vegetable with its taste and nutritional value, with healthy vegetables that nature offers us. For this reason, we do not use any additives or chemicals. All of the dried London Turkish market vegetable varieties we prepare with the signature of Hatice Teyze are pure foods obtained by completely natural methods. If you want to prefer both practical and natural products in your kitchen habits, trust Hatice Teyze!