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Hatice Teyze Homemade Spinach Noodles (Ispanakli Ev Eristesi) 250 g

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Hatice Teyze Spinach Noodles, which is produced without using any preservatives or additives with wheat flour, village egg, milk, salt and spinach puree, will bring colour, taste and health to your tables. You will also be able to access this opportunity online from London Turkish market shelves in a healthy way.

Hatice Teyze Homemade Spinach Noodles 250 g

Our noodles, which are prepared with natural and delicious ingredients by adhering to traditional methods, will be indispensable for your tables with their satiety and nutritional value. You can cook Hatice Teyze Noodles according to the brewing method by adding a little salt to 1 glass of boiled water and adding 1 glass of noodles that you have fried in oil or have not done any processing. You can add brown butter sauces or grated Tulum cheese, walnuts on it. Thus, you can easily cook this product, which is produced in the category of London Turkish market products, without additives and in a natural way, and you can consume it healthily.