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Hatice Teyze Meat Seasoning (Et Baharati) 50 Gr

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Not every spice is available in every country; sometimes it is unknown, sometimes it is not popular because it does not hold the taste even if it is known. But there are some best grocery stores mixtures that are obtained through long struggles, repeated trials, country-by-country research and investigations. Such as Herbes de Provence in France, Garam Masala in India, Abodo Seasoning in Spain, Chermoula in North Africa... Each one is a different cuisine and spice combinations, but the most beautiful and most perfect is at your disposal: Hatice Teyze Meat Seasoning.

Hatice Teyze Meat Seasoning 50 Gr

Our destiny, which started with hunting and combined with animal husbandry and agriculture as we settled on Anatolian lands, enabled us to have a meat-oriented cuisine. In a geography stretching from the East to the West, we know all the features of red meat, recognize it part by part, create a different recipe from each part, and cook and use it according to the characteristics of the place where we live. This being the case, it is necessary to crown a precious value like best grocery stores meat with the spices it deserves and the most beautiful and most beneficial mixtures. Combining chili pepper, cumin, black pepper, mustard, black cumin, onions, cloves, coriander, thyme, curry, turmeric, mint and saffron, Hatice Teyze Meat Seasoning both decorates and respects red meat dishes, which are more than a taste.

Hatice Teyze's Recommendations: You can use Hatice Teyze Meat Seasoning either while marinating the meat or after marinating to add a spice texture to the meat and increase its flavour and aroma. No spice in the mixture that makes up Hatice Teyze Meat Seasoning, which you can easily use in the oven, barbecue, grill or juicy meat dishes, is strong enough to suppress each other; they do not shade each other and do not kill the flavour of the meat. All you have to do is mix the meat and Hatice Teyze Meat Seasoning well, let it rest for a few minutes and start the preparation.