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Hatice Teyze Natural Homemade Thorn Apple Vinegar ( Alic Sirkesi) 250 Ml

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We live in such lands that Mother Nature carries fertility in one season; baskets are filled differently in the season that follows. As you travel from west to east, from village to village, vegetables, fruits and legumes change from colour to colour. Chest to chest healing is coming. Here is one of the hidden secrets of the autumn season, hawthorn fruit, one of the healing fruits of the Mediterranean climate. Hatice Teyze, who transforms the hawthorn fruit, which becomes the red-coloured cape of the rocky lands and slopes with its slightly bitter-sweet Turkish market taste, into rare vinegar by collecting it from the Antalya region, adds another completely natural and pure taste to our tables. Hawthorn, which is freshly harvested in its season, is fermented in oak barrels for two years, using traditional methods, and then rested. Those who miss the serene village life and the life of being surrounded by nature in the chaos of the metropolis, sip the fortune of the land with the natural probiotic hawthorn vinegar prepared by the grandmothers.

Hatice Teyze Natural Homemade Hawthorn Berries Vinegar 250 Ml

Hatice Teyze's Advice: Hawthorn vinegar goes well with quinoa salad, one of the most popular flavours of today. If you're going to add some meat, we can also recommend you the Hatice Teyze Mugla Tarhana with breaded turkey meat and hawthorn vinegar, Hatice Teyze Pepper Paste, Bergama Tulum cheese, a chard salad topped with a little honey and olive oil dressing. Those who have finished their work in the kitchen with Turkish market hawthorn vinegar should try mixing equal amounts of water and vinegar and applying it to their skin with the help of a cotton ball: wait for 20 minutes, rinse and get to know what skin lightness means.

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