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Hatice Teyze Hot Pepper Paste (Aci Biber Salcasi) 500 Gr

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Hatice Teyze Hot Pepper Paste (Aci Biber Salcasi) 500 Gr

Peppers, a gift of nature that never seems to end, is a vegetable that is available all four seasons..

The benefits of peppers, an indispensable ingredient in cooking, are countless. There are many different varieties of peppers that we consume in both dried and fresh form. Containing many minerals, especially iron, magnesium and calcium, peppers are also rich in protein and fiber.

Pepper paste, which is an ingredient that can be added to just about any dish, provides outstanding flavor. When the summer arrives you can tell preparations are starting for homemade pastes from the intense fragrance of peppers and tomatoes. Many women wish to achieve this natural flavor that requires quite an intense preparation process.

However, they may not be able to set aside the time for homemade pepper paste due to the conditions of our present day and busy working schedules. Sometimes it can be hard to achieve the consistency you want.

There is a very simple way to acquire the most natural pepper paste to add to your cooking without tiring yourself out. All you need is Hatice Teyze pepper past to achieve genuine homemade flavor.

Peppers grown in completely natural settings, picked with care are processed into paste by our ladies under highly hygienic conditions. There is no fabricated process during this journey. Our women, who work by combining their passion with effort, bring you the most natural pepper paste.

Does Hatice Teyze Pepper Paste Contains Preservatives and Additives?

This product, which is produced completely as homemade paste with no preservatives or additives, is presented to you in its most delicious form. The preservatives and additives that are used in factory made products to increase the shelf life, may be harmful to your health. This is why additive- free products are a better choice for you.

Also chemicals that are used in unreliable packaging can sometimes seep into the paste. You can store your paste for a long time without having to worry about it spoiling in our glass jars, which are produced in a way that is harmless to people and the environment. 

What is in Hatice Teyze Pepper Paste?

Only peppers and salt are in our pepper paste. Different methods are used for making this product. Delicious pastes have been prepared for hundreds of years using many different secrets all over Anatolia. While some boil peppers to reach the desired consistency, others salt the peppers and dry them in the sun. The flavor achieved by the hands of Hatice Teyze women is reached by boiling the peppers. 

Is Hatice Teyze Pepper Paste Homemade?

Even if you only use a small amount of the traditional homemade pepper paste you can achieve amazing flavor.

Homemade pastes are more natural than the pastes produced in factories. 

The color, scent and consistency is ideal. This is why it won't bother you when you add it to your cooking. In fact, if you're one of those people who has enjoyed spreading a little paste on bread and eating it, from way back when you were a child, you may just like this amazing flavor. 

What is Different About Hatice Teyze Pepper Paste?

Capia peppers, which ripen ready to be picked in July and September, are carefully selected to make the paste. No pesticides or hormones are used in growing the peppers. Cultivated in completely natural settings, these peppers are picked at the peak of flavor. 

The pure naturalness that starts with the peppers continues all the way to the packaging process. 

Many locations are explored to find the best pepper seeds.

The right soil and environmental conditions are analyzed by Hatice Teyze engineers.

Importance is placed on hygiene during all phases of the production.

Peppers are carefully prepared for the paste-making process. 

We make all of our products with the same care we show to feeding our loved ones.

Hatice Teyze Hot Pepper Paste (Aci Biber Salcasi) 500 Gr

Geleneksel Türk mutfağının temel direklerinden olan biber salçası, birazcık acı sevenleri buraya çağırmakta: Mardin yöresinin bereketli topraklarında yetiştirilen biberlerle hazırlanan Hatice Teyze Acı Biber Salçası, sindirimle iyi geçinen ve özellikle kış dönemlerinde bağışıklık sistemini sarıp sarmalayan bir lezzet. Pek çok yemeği tatlandıran bu sebze, özellikle kalsiyum, potasyum ve vitaminler açısından oldukça zengin.

Acı ama hem çok gerçek hem çok doğal... 

Miktar: 500 gr.