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Finish Dish Washer Salt 1.5 Kg

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Improperly cleaned glasses and plates are among the common problems that dishwasher users may encounter. Finish dishwasher salt offers a practical solution to the staining problem. Thanks to its pure Turkish market formula, it helps soften tap water with high pH levels and reduces limescale. In this way, unwanted water stains on glasses, glassware and plates can be prevented. Dishwasher salt not only helps your dishes get better cleaning, it can also improve your dishwasher's performance in the long run.

Finish Dish Washer Salt 1.5 Kg

Water in dishwashers is heated to high temperatures to help kill bacteria. In this way, it makes your forks, knives, plates and glasses hygienically clean and ready for reuse. Higher temperature water also means more minerals in the water are released. Water hardness depends on the source in your area and has a significant impact on your detergent performance. If you live in a hard water area, lime in the water can cause a build-up of scale that can clog important parts of your dishwasher and affect the heating elements. You can help prevent limescale clogging in your machine by using dishwasher salt. Without the use of Finish dishwasher salt, water and lime stains can become a constant problem for dishwashing hygiene. In addition to stains, hard water can cause even the strongest detergents to be less effective. Since dishwasher salt effectively softens the water, it prevents heavy lime and other deposits from accumulating in your Turkish market machine and ensures better cleaning of your dishes. Finish dishwasher salt is residue-free. Its purity helps your dishwasher's water softening unit work effectively.

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