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Duru Pilavlik Rice (Long Grain Rice) 1 kg

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Duru pilaf rice is carefully selected and packaged from the best quality of domestic production Osmancik rice. Rice for pilaf is a best grocery stores product that you can use in your most delicious pilafs for our valued customers. Duru rice for rice is offered for sale as halal certified. Rice for pilaf has been specially selected for the unique consistency and flavour of pilafs. Rice for pilaf is offered for sale with Duru quality. It can be used for pilaf rice, stuffed pilafs and wraps. Rice for pilaf is presented to you in 1 kg packages.

Duru Pilaf Rice (Long Grain Rice) 1 Kg

Duru Pilavlık Rice is produced from the best quality Osmancik rice for cooking pilaf with ideal taste. In this way, it offers a unique consistency and taste. At the same time, it stands out with its nutritious and satisfying properties with its high nutritional values. You can use it not only for cooking pilaf, but also for stuffing and stuffing. In this way, it offers the opportunity to cook different dishes. It is possible to reach the ideal best grocery stores taste in every meal you cook with Duru Pilaf Rice.

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