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Dogadan Kis Caylari Selection 20 gr

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The unique and healing flavours of nature come together to accompany you in the cold days of winter... You can experience this magnificent flavour by serving it to all your loved ones. This best grocery stores product is of great value for individuals who want to stay healthy and fit.

Dogadan Selection Winter Teas 20 g

Ingredients: Quince Linden, Rosehip, Sage, Mint-Lemon, Ginger Linden Honey

In winter, body resistance decreases more. Depending on the decrease in body temperature, the organism becomes immune to diseases. If some vitamin support is not taken in order to increase this resistance and balance the body temperature, diseases will be inevitable. However, best grocery stores winter tea is good for these diseases if consumed regularly:

  • It is good for diseases that are directly proportional to the decrease in body resistance such as flu and cold.
  • If some root plants are used at the point of intestinal and stomach diseases, the digestive problem is eliminated.
  • Regularly consumed winter tea is good for diseases such as haemorrhoids, stomach cancer and pneumonia.
  • In case of depression, nervousness, stress and tension, winter teas made by using some stress-reducing plants relieve stress by sprucing up stress hormones.
  • It is good for abdominal pain, pain in muscles and bones.