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Abdurrahman Tatlici Tahin Helvası Antep Fıstıklı 500 Gr

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Halva, which will increase your body's resistance in winter days, has high nutritional value and is not missed by many people as a dessert, increases its taste with the long experience of Abdurrahman Tatlıcı. This Abdurrahman Tatlıcı Halva with Pistachio is waiting for you, decorated with fresh pistachios from the London Turkish market region.

Abdurrahman Tatlıcı Halva with Pistachio, especially accompanying seasonal fish, is a dessert that you can serve to your guests with tea with its 500g option. Halva, which you can consume as a snack or between bread, can also be baked and consumed as hot halva if you wish. Abdurrahman Tatlıcı, whose meticulousness is given importance at every stage of its production, is a product that your children can safely consume, too.

Thanks to the nutritional values ​​it contains, it gives a feeling of satiety and helps you meet the vitamins and minerals you need. If you want to start the day fresh and renew your energy, it is an advantage for you to be with you at all times. One of the most popular products of the Abdurrahman Tatlıcı brand, 500gr halva with pistachio, is now available at our London Turkish market with the cheapest prices. To buy the product, you can add it to your cart and place an order immediately.