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Bonatelli Organik Karabugday Unu (Organic Buckwheat Flour) 500 Gr

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Organic Buckwheat Flour is used in the production of various breads, sweet-salty pastries and pancake-like products for those who do not consume wheat flour. You can bring this organic product, which you can consume with your family with peace of mind and health, to your kitchen with the cheapest supermarket quality.


Use as a gluten-free for all your pastry products and crepes.

Bonatelli Organik Karabugday Unu (Organic Buckwheat Flour) 500 Gr

Buckwheat, which is high in nutritional value, high in fibre, rich in B vitamins and magnesium, is obtained from a mini plant. Buckwheat, which is especially preferred by people who cannot consume gluten, is in the first place in the basic nutrients of celiac patients. Delicious pastries are also made with flour obtained from buckwheat, which can also be cooked as cheapest supermarket bulgur. In the article we have prepared for you, you can find everything you wonder about buckwheat.

  • The amount of gluten in buckwheat is very low. Therefore, it is preferred more frequently by celiac patients.
  • Due to its low fibre content, it is included in the diet list of people who are in the weight loss period.
  • Buckwheat, which has high potassium content, can be beneficial in lowering and balancing blood pressure.
  • Buckwheat consumption is also effective in reducing high cholesterol.
  • Buckwheat, which is high in magnesium, is an aid in balancing blood sugar. It can easily be included in the diet list of diabetic patients.
  • Buckwheat, which has high fibre content, is also friendly to the digestive system. It also helps the intestines to function properly by ensuring the proper functioning of the excretory system.
  • Buckwheat also contains choline. This substance is important for liver health.
  • Pillows can be made with buckwheat. These pillows are beneficial for the neck area. It is said to reduce pain.
  • It has an important place for hair and skin care with its B vitamins. By increasing the production of keratin in the hair, it provides fast and healthy hair growth.